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To all our Extras that worked on the recent ABC Series, shot in Newcastle, thanks for your efforts. The crew were very happy with your punctuality and professionalism.


For those who aren't aware, Miranda Kerr started with CHAAYS when she was 13 years old. On her first visit Miranda's mum said "Do you think she has any potential ?". Miranda's first job with us was the Charlestown Square Spring Fashion Parades, and after one quick catwalk lesson we could see that she was a natural. The audience on the day of the parade were dazzled by her performance.


If you enjoy working behind the camera instead, we have started an associated business where we teach photography, including Model and Fashion photography. PLI Photography School has classes in Basic and Advanced Digital SLR photography, Model Photography, Wedding Photography and Image Editing software (Photoshop Etc.), as well as student School Holiday classes. The courses also involve hire of models, so it provides work for our models as well. If you are interested, visit the website at


Thanks to all our talent (35 in total) for their efforts in the recent Home and Away shoot. Many have already indicated how much fun it was, and can't wait to see the final results when they air. Thanks again to everyone for your reliability and professionalism.
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If you are already on our files but haven't been in to see us for a while, then email or call so we can check your details - phone nos, email address etc, and also whether your look has changed at all. We often try to contact someone for a job and can't get them - they have a new phone number and have forgotten to tell us, or their details or look has changed and an update of their profile is required.


Our next MODELLING DRAMA & DEPORTMENT Course (12 Week Course) commences Saturday 17th AUG 2024. Our next TV Presenting Workshop is on Saturday 6th JUL 2024 at 1:00pm. The workshop is free for those on our files, and $50 for those not on our files.